Lee Bricker- Portrait Sculpture

Dr. Lee Bricker

A retired endocrinologist and physician, Lee began studying sculpture on his own on his kitchen table in Miami nearly 40 years ago. He has since worked with many teachers, including Elliott Miller, Muriel Pravda, Tony Lopez, and Paul Lancz, Bruno Luccesi in Miami, and Jefferson Rubin in Colorado before taking a hiatus for many years. He has been working with the studio and Joshua since 2007.

Vicki Nelson – Oil Painting

Vicki Nelson

A recently retired architect, Vicki joined the drawing program in 2016. Her goals include advancing her academic drawing skills and developing community with other artists in support of her second career as a visual artist.

Anne Kooy – Oil Painting

Anne Kooy

Anne has been drawing with the Boogie Woogie Figure Drawing Lounge since 2015, and became an apprentice in 2017. She focuses on portraits in oils and gouache. She works with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries in her professional life. Her brother David joined the atelier in 2022.

Steven Duisterhof – Oil painting

Steven Duisterhof

CEO of Gordon Water systems, Steve Duisterhof has painted his friends, family and coworkers his entire life. He joined the atelier in 2018. A prolific painter, Steve focuses on portraits and landscapes in oil.

David Kooy – Digital media

David Kooy

Brother of Anne, David Kooy joined in 2022. He focuses on figure and portrait drawing using digital media.

Lindi Cranston – Oil Painting

Lindi Cranston

Lindi, who studied art as an undergrad, has returned to her own painting practice after raising her family and teaching high school art. She travels to the studio from Indiana as well as joins virtually when needed since January of 2023.

Jane Irwin – Anatomy

Jane Irwin

Jane Irwin is the author and artist of the graphic novels Vögelein and Clockwork Game: The Illustrious Career of A Chess-Playing Automaton

Martin Burch – Anatomy

Martin Burch

Martin Burch is a photographer, videographer and adjunct university faculty. He joined the anatomy section in 2018, and returned in 2023.

Orielle Caldwell – Relief Sculpture

Orielle AnaÏs Caldwell

Orielle is a professional painter and relief sculptor in Santa Barbara California 

Danielle Schnell – Anatomy

Danielle Marie Schnell

Danielle is a Freelance Illustrator at Jael Moray Designs

Allyson Reed – Anatomy

Allyson Reed

Allyson is a welder and serious amateur artist.